Legislative Advocacy

Legislative Advocacy Committee Chair: Gerri Settoon

Legislative Action Plan

Goal 1: Professional Development

Provide leadership in support of research, policy, and practice that improves reading instruction and supports the best interests of all learners and reading professionals.

  1. Present Legislative Advocacy Committee Report at Board of Directors meetings.
  2. Publish advocacy information in the state newsletter.
  3. Conduct training session during the year.
  4. Publish an advocacy plan or report of a current legislative issue and make available on the LRA web site.

Goal 2: Advocacy

Establish and strengthen local, state, national and international alliances with a wide range of organizations, including governmental, non-governmental, colleges and universities, community agencies, businesses and industries including the Louisiana Department of Education and the Louisiana Governor’s Office.

  1. Create alliances with librarians in local, parish, college and university lab schools.
  2. Present information and develop relationships with local school board members, superintendents and the State Board of Education members.
  3. Serve on Louisiana Department of Education committees and task forces.

Goal 3: Partnerships

Provide and promote effective professional development opportunities for Louisiana literacy educators, librarians, and citizens.

  1. Provide professional development sessions during Board of Directors meetings.
  2. Plan and implement annual state conference contacts.
  3. Solicit legislative members to partner with LRA on Public Service Announcements.
  4. Partner with the Louisiana Retired Teachers Association.

Goal 4: Communication

Improve and disseminate information with LRA, its affiliates, and to organizations and state programs throughout the state.

  1. Create and disseminate LRA Advocacy Handbook.
  2. Annually update Committee site on LRA website www.lareading.org
  3. Invite legislative members, State Department of Education staff, community leaders, and BESE members to disseminate information at meetings.
  4. Encourage members to become proactive with legislative issues.
  5. Communicate with members regarding new or “hot” Legislative issues.


Legislative Information

Important Legislative Article for Educators